Alex Ries - Illustrator

Raised on a farm in rural Victoria, Australia, Alex Ries is a Melbourne-based illustrator and concept artist with several years' experience across the industry. His artwork has been featured by publishers and publications including Australian Geographic, Pearson Education Canada and the Discovery Channel.

He was employed as a concept artist from 2007 to 2011, working full-time in the videogame industry with THQ's Blue Tongue Entertainment studio, wherein he contributed to four published titles. Alex received a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne, where studies in diverse visual media including painting, 3D visualization and film provided a broad creative skill base from which to operate.

This education and experience, coupled with a strong interest in biology, zoology and real-world technology, has fostered an artistic style able to not only accurately illustrate life from the real world, but from fictional life as well.


2015 - Silver Birch Nonfiction, Forest of Reading, Runner-up


Hubots, 2018
Zoobots, 2014