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My Name is Elizabeth

An elephant and a donkey duke it out in this hilarious introduction to politics. A fun tool to help kids understand the ins and outs of campaigning.

Ten Birds

A poignant story about a plain-looking orphan, small creatures with drab wings and what it means to be truly beautiful. Bookworms, prepare to be enchanted!

Nicholas Oldland

The Kitten series follows a lovable feline around the farmyard over the course of one day as she encounters different animals. Each title in the four-book series is set in a different season.


Kitten's Autumn

Kitten's Spring

Kitten's Summer

Kitten's Winter

Nicholas Oldland



Big Bear Hug

The Busy Beaver

Making the Moose Out of Life

Ninja Cowboy Bear

Deadpan text and cartoon-style illustrations pack a playful punch in the Ninja Cowboy Bear books, which were inspired by the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors. Starring a tight-knit trio of friends who counter conflict with respect and sensitivity, these stories celebrate the differences that make everyone unique and friendships special.


The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear

Ninja Cowboy Bear Presents the Way of the Ninja

Ninja Cowboy Bear Presents the Call of the Cowboy

Puppy Sam First Readers

The delightful Puppy Sam Stories will keep beginning readers turning pages. The words and illustrations are as playful as Puppy Sam herself! Level 1 readers contain short stories, simple sentences, easy vocabulary, simple visual clues and lots of repetition.


A Friend for Sam

A Parade for Sam

Pizza for Sam

Sam's Snowy Day

Me and You

A gently humorous picture book for all ages that celebrates friendship and encourages self-acceptance.

Without You

Award-winning author-illustrator Geneviève Côté returns with a companion book to the acclaimed Me and You. After falling out over a spilled wagon of toys, two friends gradually realize that life is much sweeter when shared.

My Name is Elizabeth

Kids will relate to Elizabeth’s fervent wish to be called by her proper name.

Ten Birds

More than a clever counting book, Ten Birds highlights ingenuity, common sense and the inadequacies of labels. Cybèle Young’s intricate pen-and-ink drawings depict a rich alternative world that both children and adults will marvel over.

Small Saul

A high-seas adventure about an unconventional little pirate who charms the rough pirate crew of the Rusty Squid. With treasure chests of laughs, Small Saul is a lighthearted celebration of individuality, and proof that good things come in small packages.